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Owner's Representative
& Project Management

The PJDCCI team is comprised of industry experts who serve a diverse client base that includes architects, contractors, legal counsel, owners, construction managers and engineers. Our services focus on improving every step of the construction delivery process for our clients. We provide a complete project management and control services package that encompasses the entire project as well as individual services that can be implemented on an as-needed basis. 

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Litigation Support & Expert Testimony

PJDCCI delivers litigation support in the event that some element of a project does not go as planned and the results are disputed among the parties involved. Should arbitration or litigation become unavoidable, our experts step in to become an integral part of our client's legal team. Working closely with the legal counsel retained by our client, our team's expertise integrates seamlessly under their leadership.  

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Planning & Scheduling Services

As construction consultants, PJDCCI offers a comprehensive suite of planning and scheduling services that encompasses each phase of a construction project including critical path method (CPM) schedule development, review and an evaluation of its progress. 


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Risk Management

The risk management services offered by PJDCCI are founded on the decades of experience our team gained in construction project development and execution. Our innovative solutions have proven to support our clients by accurately and quickly identifying, quantifying, mitigating and monitoring the potential risks that could be present with their construction projects. 

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Cost Analytics

The experts at PJDCCI offer our clients objective advice designed to help them control project expenditures while meeting their financial goals. Our cost engineers use their expertise to audit change orders and invoices to deliver recommendations as well as to quantify requests for additional compensation by analyzing direct and indirect costs. 

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Trial Exhibits & Legal Graphics

PJDCCI provides litigation graphic design services. As part of our litigation support services, clients can have their case accurately represented through clear and compelling trial exhibits. 

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