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Litigation Support & Expert Testimony
Florida construction claims advisors and construction claims experts targeting disputes, defects and delays.

At PJDCCI, you have our proven expertise on your side. Only when you're armed with objective information that is concise and delivered in clear terms is a dispute able to be resolved. The testifying and consulting experts at PJDCCI deftly and thoroughly analyze each individual situation in regards to the dispute at hand. We provide the experience, objectivity and technical assistance necessary to attain a satisfactory resolution. From arbitration and expert testimony to litigation counseling and mediation, PJDCCI provides the supportive services you need during the entire process of dispute resolution. Because PJDCCI's services comprise an expansive range of expert capabilities, our consultants provide the support our clients need in a variety of ways including successfully navigating the complex litigation process and providing expertise during testimony. At PJDCCI, we thoroughly analyze each dispute situation to develop a comprehensive understanding of its every aspect. We then hand-pick the construction, engineering and management experts that will deliver the intended outcome for the client. 

Every client of PJDCCI is fully supported throughout the entire litigation phase including dispute resolution, arbitration, discovery, trial, pre-filing and mediation. In order to promote the best outcome for our clients, we assemble the best project teams at PJDCCI. 

Construction Litigation Support Services:

  • Schedule Disruptions and Delays

  • Construction Defect Analysis

  • Differing Site Conditions

  • Quantification of Damages

  • Litigation, Mediation and Arbitration Support

  • International Construction Experts

  • Standards of Care

  • Discovery Support

  • Testifying Experts

  • Productivity Impacts

  • Consulting Experts

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